Friday, June 16, 2006


Today I'd like to talk about step-parenting .... the pros and cons.

Although I don't have children of my own,the previous and current relationships have allowed me the opportunity to become a co- parent, step-parent to some pretty amazing kids.
And as hard as I try to be the "NOT THE MAMA" type it seems that it always comes to a point where I start to feel like the 2nd mother.
I find a joy in getting close to children and enjoy the energy I get from them. But as I guess with any parent, some times I'd like to be able to shut it off.
Is this a concensus? Or is it just me? Am I wrong for sometimes not wanting to be a parent and just being a wife?

Although it took me sometime to learn to be a wife ( and I am still learning), It's even harder being a parent... sometimes.

I guess it's a growing process and as with everything else in life I will have to learn to adjust.
Some times I just want the kids to like/love me...other times I just want them to go to sleep...

Arrgghh!!!! the guilt of it...

Until we meet again