Tuesday, August 22, 2006

School's in session

I really need some help on this one moms...

School has started back or soon will start back and I guess as a step-parent I am excited as well looking forward to the sounds of kids getting off the bus, hearing them talk about who they saw today, seeing them in their new clothes.
I also think there is a sadistic side to me that says I remember how much I hated going back to school after being off for so long .That the thought of the little rugrats going back is like a breath of fresh air. And I'm just glad it's not me!!! Is that crazy?
But I remember also looking forward to seeing all my friends that I didn't get to see over the summer. Getting to see who got left back, who hooked up with who over the summer and the fear/joy of finding out who my new teacher was going to be .( Man I hated Mr. Puryear- 6th grade)

The year things seem a little weird for me, my 10 year old step-child refuses to accept the fact that him going to school is a good thing. Trust me if he had the option, he'd be home watching TV all day and waiting for one of his mothers to come home to fix his dinner.
He is a smart, brilliant child . He has the social skills of a typical 10 year boy, but he is intelligent and grounded.
So I am finding it a struggle to talk about anything related to school with him.
I think he should read SOMETHING everyday.; he doesn't think so.
I fear the thought of asking him how his day was ; it's like pulling teeth.
I want to share in what I consider to be the enjoyment of going back to school and not make him hate it. My wife says by acting overjoyed and happy about it, it makes him hate it???
Why is my talking about it going to sadden him??? Am I being a bully? Am I just showing my joy because it's him and not me? Or is it genuine joy because school is so important and I want him to be smart?

PS. I also don't like the fact that TV is more important than a book...


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