Sunday, July 09, 2006

Of course

My 9 year-old flip flops all of the time and it's really a pain in my butt. He tries to imply that we always do stuff with our gay friends as opposed to straight friends. The funny thing is, I would think he wouldn't care since most have kids(mainly boys) his age so he usually has a good time. One minute he's shaking his ass at the Pride parades and prominently displaying HRC stickers in his room (although he REFUSES to do rainbows, teehee). The next minute, he's expressing his CHOICE, because it is just that for him, to not be involved in "gay stuff". We're just going to a b-day party cookout for Christ's sake. How GAY can that be?!

He says, who's birthday is it? I tell him the name. He sighs and says, "of course...".


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